Wildlife Expressionism by D. Arthur Wilson


Embarking in the fourth decade on his artistic journey, D. Arthur Wilson constantly marvels at the adventure his life has become. Born and raised near Dayton, Ohio and the son of an artist, his self-taught career began at the tender age of three with his first painting. It is appropriate to assume that the wild heart of the artist wandered throughout a series of artistic styles before settling with his passion and self-defined style of “Wild Expressionism”.

Moving from coast to coast as a quick sketch portrait artist allowed Wilson to explore the people and places that would eventually lead him to that first painting done in his definitive style: the inaugural tiger, up close and personal, that sold while on the the easel before its completion. Since then, Wilson has created thousands of originals that capture the souls of these exotic, alluring beasts. Rendered on European Suede Matboard with specific application of pastel, Conte’ crayon and charcoal, each is a masterpiece for generations to appreciate.

Wilson’s passion is not only for the wild menagerie that he paints, but for the preservation and conservation efforts as well. His affiliations include Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Tippi Hedron’s Shambala Preserve, SEE-North Raptor Education and Rehabilitation Center, The Digit Fund, Mission Wolf, Nebraska Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Denver Zoo, Little Rock Zoo and the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

A highlight of Wilson’s career came when he traveled to the heart of Africa for a five week tour. After thirty-five game drives and stays at the DeWildt Cheetah Research Center, Phinda Reserve, Linyanti River Camp, Chief’s Camp and hands on experience at Dr. Lori Markor’s Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. Wilson’s perspective was transformed to new heights during his stay at the Cheetah Conservation Fund as he left his mark with several life size cheetah murals painted on the exterior walls of the Visitor Center. You can see these beautiful murals during a feature on The Cheetah Conservation Fund’s, National Geographic’s Explorer series.

Wilson’s work is exhibited internationally throughout museums and private collections and is listedin Who’s Who in America. He is also included in the newly published “Wildlife Art: Sixty Contemporary Masters and Their Works”, available at finer book stores.

Wilson states: “One of the most challenging undertakings a person can face is to find out who you are, be who you are and then share who you are”.

Tiger Cubs


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